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Our ClayQuarters drop-in sessions are tailor-made for skilled ceramic artists looking for a hands-on, independent pottery experience. With no assistance provided, these 4-two hour sessions offer you the freedom to bring your creative vision to life. All necessary tools and equipment are provided, allowing you to delve straight into your craft.

* Must have prior experience on the potters wheel.

*As our studio space is limited, we kindly request that in-progress works not exceed a week or two on our shelves. (We will recycle any piece left on our shelves)


No Instruction will be provided.

Book your time before coming.


Best Value




4 Session Drop-In Pack

Valid for one month

Full Access to All Equipment and Communal Tools!

Studio Glazes (9 Laguna Dipping Glazes)


  • Equipment, tools and glazes are included

  • Must buy your own clay! ($25 a bag at our studio)

Firing Fees

Electric Low Fire (cone 05/06):  $0.08 per cubic inch


Electric Mid Fire (cone 5/6) : 0.10 per cubic inch

Cubic inch = Length x Width x Height (Depth)

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