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Studio Policies and General Guidelines


Before arriving at the studio for open studio time, please book your time slot(s) for the day you come in. If you plan to stay longer than your booked session, please make sure you book the following time slot in that calendar, this allows us and other studio members to see how many spots on the wheels are available.


Once at the studio, please be mindful if a class is in session.Come in quietly and keep voices down while class is session.These classes are usually every Tuesday from 5pm-7pm, Thursday from 6-8pm and Fridays from 10am-12pm. Other than that have fun and create!


Only cone 5/6 clay is allowed for use in the studio. You may bring your own preferred cone 5/6 clay or purchase clay at the studio if needed. Bag of B-Mix 5 (25lbs) is $25.The studio also has a selection of tools for your use. Please make sure clean and return these tools after use to the labeled containers. If you have your own tools and buckets, please label them with your name.


Each person utilizing the studio is required to contribute to maintaining its cleanliness and order. Tables, wheels, and splash pans should all be sponged clean and ready for the next user. Sponge, spray bottle, bucket, and other items should all be cleaned before being put back in their correct storage location. Every class and open studio time has the duty of cleaning up the studio after themselves.


Each person will make sure to tidy up their workspace and put all finished work away before leaving the studio. Regardless of whether they are there for a lesson, open studio, workshop, or another event, everyone will leave the building by the time it closes. Except for technicians, no one is allowed to stay in the facility after it closes.


 For every firing, each kiln will be as full of ware as possible. Students and members should leave an identifying mark on their ware that will survive bisque and glaze firings. The firing process begins with the bisque firing. The bone-dry ware is to be placed on the shelves marked “ready for bisque”.  After the piece has been bisque fired, it will be placed on your shelf. After the piece has been glazed, it should be placed on the glazed ware shelves. Glazed pieces will be loaded for the glaze firing as soon as there are enough pieces for a firing. The glaze firing schedule will be posted on the "Studio News Board" so studio members will be aware of when those firings will take place. Each member is responsible for their work. 

Studio members have the options of purchasing a monthly unlimited firing pass through us for an additional $50 a month or can pay for each individual piece made.

More Firing Info Here

Our Community Studio Atmosphere  

  • Any disrespect, harm, or harassment to Cone 6 Ceramics staff, instructors, studio members, students, etc. is not acceptable or tolerated. Cone 6 Ceramics has the right to refuse access to any person(s) at any time. 

  • Please respect all artists of the studio. Do not disrupt them while they are working, use their tools, or touch their work/possessions without their permission. 

  • Please be courteous and accommodating of any classes taking place in the studio. If a staff member asks you to clean up your work area to prepare for a class, please do so quickly and efficiently. Do not disturb instructors or students and try to keep noise to a minimum. Students enrolled in classes shall have the instructor’s full attention. 

  • No shouting or yelling in the studio. 

  • No foul and vulgar language will be allowed. 

  • No drinking or smoking of any kind in the studio or within 10 yards of premises. 

  • Please be mindful of the staff and other artists in case a human or ceramic error occurs. The Cone 6 Ceramics team puts a lot of effort into creating the most professional studio environment imaginable. The staff is ready to have a professional conversation about these circumstances. Communication that is hostile or accusing is not appropriate.In the event that staff, members, and/or students break or damage any personal property, including ceramic work, they must leave a note for the owner. 

  • Please do not create a negative environment for other people in the space. Staff have the right to ask any person to leave if they are negatively affecting the studio environment and/or safety. 

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