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 We offer a variety of classes where you can explore your creativity through pottery. Our multiweek classes are designed to provide in-depth knowledge on pottery making and techniques. While 90-minute crash courses and one-time workshops and events are perfect for a fun and unique experience with friends or family. From wheel throwing to hand building are perfect for all skill levels. Our events are a great way to socialize with other pottery enthusiasts while creating something beautiful. 


Multi-Week Classes

We provide multi-week classes in both hand building and wheel throwing for anyone looking to dive deeper into the world of ceramics. For a total of 5 weeks, each class lasts 2 hours and meets once per week.

90 Min Crash Course

A 90-minute wheel, hands-on, throwing 101 crash course.

Get a 30-minute demo showing the steps to throw on the pottery wheel


Workshops & Events

 Our workshops and events provide a complete pottery experience; these one-time classes and workshops are focused on a single project or skill. Beginner-friendly, all supplies provided, take home craft, and fun vibes.

Private Lessons

One-on-one private lessons are an excellent way to receive personalized attention and guidance from one of our outstanding instructors. Whether it is your first time working with clay or you are trying to hone your skills, these 2 hours are specifically tailored specifically to you.

Open Studio Drop Ins

Our Drop-In sessions are tailor-made for skilled ceramic artists looking for a hands-on, independent pottery experience. With no assistance provided, these 4- two hour sessions offer you the freedom to bring your creative vision to life.

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