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Cone 6 Ceramics
Work Trade Program
*program currently full*

The Work Trade Program is designed to allow artists to continue their pottery journey through our studio membership in exchange for work duties at the studio. This program is mutually beneficial, offering you access to our facilities and resources while you contribute to the daily operations of the studio


  • Studio membership with access to all facilities

  • Opportunity to continue developing your pottery skills

  • Involvement in a vibrant artistic community

  • Hands-on experience in various studio operations



As a participant in the Work Trade Program, you will be expected to fulfill certain duties each week. These duties are essential to the smooth functioning of the studio and include:

  • Teaching Classes and Workshops: Assist with or lead classes and workshops, sharing your knowledge and skills with other members.

  • In-Studio Duties: Tasks such as trimming, plugging, wedging, glazing, and other studio maintenance.

Please fill this application to be considered! 

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