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Cristina Misas

Cristina was born and raised here in San Diego, CA. She graduated from Cal State San Marcos 2022 with a Bachelors in Criminology and Justice Studies. She first discovered ceramics in high school. Soon after graduating high school, she went off to Grossmont college where she furthered her skills in ceramics/pottery.


Cristina decided to open up her studio out her home garage in 2021, she taught others how to throw on the potters wheel and handbuild for a year before moving her studio to Barrio Logan. Home to one of the most unique and lively centers of culture, and art in San Diego. Making pottery has given Cristina a sense of freedom and escape, It's the only way she is able to express herself. Cone 6 Ceramics allows her to grow as an artist and share her passion and love for this art form with the world.

" After touching clay for the first time, I knew that this art form was going to be part of my life". - Cristina Misas


Cassandra Misas

Cassandra is currently attending San Diego State University, pursuing her Bachelors degree in Psychology to later pursue further education and a career in clinical psychology. Cassandra first discovered ceramics in high school. After graduating high school, she continued making pottery and became an instructor at Cone 6 Ceramics. Making pottery allows Cassandra to express herself through art. Cone 6 allows her to share the excitement and rush she feel when making pottery!


"It's a fun and messy, you can make anything with a ball of clay and that's what makes pottery so unique. " - Cassandra Misas

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